Cultural and Educational Programme

International culture events, language courses, public debates, presentations and readings are examples of successful intercultural encounters. The AAI´s educational and cultural programme focuses on the concerns and manifold resources in experience and knowledge of people from the Global South. To the fore come international and global themes which affect people all around the world, for instance global equity, human rights, gender topics or conflicts.

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Scholarships & Counselling

We offer all students from Africa, Asia and Latin America counselling and support a yearly group of 10-15 students from these countries who spend a part of their studies in Salzburg or Innsbruck. This includes extracurricular trainings, assistance with (re-)integration and the establishment of a global network of AAI scholars.

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Platform & Dialogue

"When we clash, there might be a rattling noise, but no dialogue."

AAI Salzburg is a platform where intercultural and interreligious ideas can be openly discussed. One of our main concerns is creating an open environment where diverse cultures and religions can come together to discuss political, social, and ideological beliefs.

We attempt to offer opportunities and moments of intercultural and interreligious meetings through student advising, educational offers, the scholarship programme, and social events with students and partners from different countries. We stand behind meaningful, personal contact and exchange with others in an open social environment. We are also open to cooperating and partnerships with groups and communities from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, which seek to make their voices and culture heard within Salzburg.

The interreligious dialogue has a long tradition at AAI. Since 1990 interreligious and intercultural groups have been coming together in an open environment, which has promoted new ideas and cultural acceptance within Salzburg. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and followers of Bahá´iI as well as followers of the Hindu and Sikh religious communities use AAI as a platform to regularly come together for exchange, discussion, and social events. Find out more about the interreligious meetings here >>