AAI in Austria

Since the 1950s the idea to bring students from the Global South together in a space for intercultural life, debate and exchange amongst themselves and with Austrians encouraged the establishment of three Afro-Asian Institutes in Austria: In Graz, Salzburg and Vienna. These spaces for exchange transformed into educational institutions with a focus on development policy, initiating and supporting intercultural and interreligious dialogue. International students are an important target group of the AAIs and a broad range of counselling, training and assistance opportunities have been developed specifically for them.

Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg
Wr. Philharmonikergasse 2 - 5020 Salzburg
Tel +43 (0) 662 841413 0 - Fax +43 (0) 662 841411-12-13
office (at) aai-salzburg.at

Afro-Asian Institute Graz
Leechgasse 22 -8010 Graz
Tel +43 316 324434 - Fax +43 316 324434-59
office (at) aai-graz.at