Afro-Asiatisches Institut in Salzburg

Where intercultural life takes place ...

Afro-Asiatisches Institut Salzburg (AAI) is a non-profit organization which operates on the development policy area. Since the founding of the AAI (1988), intercultural and interfaith dialogue have been a priority.

The AAI wants...

...to be a meeting point where dialog is possible

Individuals with international background, as well as experts on the area of development policies have the possibility to share their varied knowledge and experience in order to contribute, by means of intercultural dialog, to a positive coexistence.

...to support and accompany students

Within the framework of the AAI scholarship program, students from African, Asian and Latin American countries receive financial support, as well as a personal accompaniment. In addition, they also assume an important and necessary intercultural function as ambassadors and contribute to the education and cultural work of the AAI as speakers, language teachers and project initiators.

...to promote education, knowledge and experience exchange on equality terms.

The AAI defines itself as a political project that exposes global contexts, raises awareness of irregularities and sets out development policy issues and its risks in the context of globalization. Affected individuals, as well as experts from the global South have the opportunityto take the floor in our organization .


Education, advice and support in intercultural and interfaith contexts are at the focus of AAI’s work. In our teaching mission document we explain how we understand our educational work towards sustainable development, integration and interculturality, as well as our working principles.