CORONA UPDATE: we currently offer counselling exclusively online (via zoom). Please write an email in order to schedule an appointment.

Starting to study in Austria presents many difficulties for international students. Legal questions, financial uncertainty, a new learning and teaching culture, troubles in organising one’s studies and personal problems are undesired yet frequent. Such conditions affect students’ everyday lives and cause high drop-out rates. Intercultural misunderstandings can also negatively affect academic success.

We can offer you practical help for mastering your studies in Austria and face the related challenges. This includes support at all levels so that students can integrate into the social and university environment.

We can support you with relevant information on studying at Salzburg’s institutions of higher education, accommodation, and the job market. We establish contact with the university, administration and other institutions, and – if necessary – we mediate between students and public authorities.

The counselling services offered by the AAI are for free and also available on short notice. The contents of counselling interviews are confidential.

Please do not hesitate to seeking counselling well in time before problems become impossible to solve!

Feel free to contact us! Write us an e-mail or call us to make an appointment. We take the time for you!


Syntia Hasenöhrl


Tel.: +43 (0)662 841413 12

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