How do we support international students?

For 25 years, the AAI has been a contact point for international students from the global South. Through individual advice and a lively programme of events, we help students to integrate into their new social and cultural environment. We regularly host information evenings, enable intercultural encounters and organise excursions. The ‘Deutsch Lernwerkstatt’ (German learning circle) offers students the opportunity to improve their German language skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

Every year, we support about 10-15 students from Africa, Asia and Latin America who have a developmental focus in their studies with a partial scholarship. The One World scholarship programme is a comprehensive programme including social events and educational services accompanying the studies, measures for (re-)integration, and maintaining contact with former scholarship holders.The AAI highly values international students as lecturers, language teachers and artists, and welcomes their contributions to our educational and cultural events

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