International Dignified Menstruation Day

International Dignified Menstruation Day

Online Campaign
The International Dignified Menstruation Day, on the 8th of December, is dedicated to build awareness and to acknowledge the period as a human right issue. Too many girls, women, inter- and transgender people are socially excluded and tabooed during their period. These stigmata, taboos and restrictions are practiced across the globe, also in Western countries. Forms, magnitude and severity vary from place to place. These facts are very astonishing regarding the decisive role that menstruation has for reproduction. Even if product marketing and hygiene issues have stimulated a broader discourse, the consciousness for menstruation largely keeps being an undermined subject.
Around the 8th of December the Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg is supporting the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation with an online campaign dealing with Menstrual Talk. It is an action during the 16 days of activism against gender based violence. Participation is very welcome.
Date: Wednesday, 8th December 2021
Venue: AAI on Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
In cooperation with: Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation