Rhythm & Joy

Rhythm & Joy

Djembe drumming workshop
Experience African attitudes to life and pure vitality during this drumming workshop with the musician Sally Goldenboy. Step by step you will learn the basics for drumming together. It promotes team spirit and togetherness and trains coordination and concentration. It can release energies and bring happiness.
Date: Friday, 3rd June 2022. From 5 to 7:30 pm, beginners start at 5 pm and intermediates join at 5:30 pm. The djembe classes do not explicitly build on one another and can therefore be visited individually.
Venue: Afro-Asian Institute, Seminar room – see the information notice on the ground floor
Instructor: Sally Goldenboy (Salzburg/Ghana) 
Course fee: 15 Euro per date - borrowing drums (each for 5 Euros) is possible
Please sign up at: office@aai-salzburg.at or +43 662/841413 13