2 Persectives/Lunch Debate

2 Persectives/Lunch Debate

Religious Studies – interdisciplinary conversations

Religious Studies is the science which analyses religion and all forms of spirituality as culture.
That works especially well when topics are illuminated from different angles during interdisciplinary conversation.

We invite you to join the lunch debate!
Wednesday, 1 – 2 pm
with Prof. Martin Rötting (religious studies):

10 April – “pause for breath: from choral to burnout” with Prof. Alexander Zerfaß (liturgy scholarship)
8 May – “violence: from trauma to dignity” with Prof. Susanne Plietzsch (Jewish cultural history)
22. May – “ghosts of religion: from tantra to terror” with Prof. Gregor-Maria Hoff (fundamental theology)

Cooperations: Religious Studies Universität Salzburg, Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Ort: Afro-Asian Institute, Clubraum (EG)