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The Secret of Carrot Tops, the Delicious Taste of Avocado Seed and the Uses of Onion Skins


Autumn leaves, candles, vegetables and fruits spread on a big table - everything organic of course! It sounds like a good start for our bio-fair world dinner, doesn’t it? On Thursday evening it smelt like roasted pumpkin seeds, apple compote and lemon peel in the seminar room of the Afro-Asian Institute, so that everyone was immediately hungry and ready for cooking.

The aim of our bio fair world dinner was to promote consciousness about food and its value. Did you know that the carrot tops contain more vitamins than the vegetable itself and that they can therefore be used for a tasty salad, or that the lemon peel is a natural anti-cancer means? This is just some of the useful advice of the cooking team, the so called Erdlinge ( As they grow their own fruit and vegetables, they are well aware of the worth of every part of the groceries and know exactly how to make the most of them. Everything was used to prepare the dishes - from the avocado seed to the onion skin - so that they gained a rich and varied taste. The participants worked with enthusiasm and interest to turn the whole ingredients in a tasty meal. Food was cut, peeled and grated in small groups, each of them taking care of a dish. On the menu were carrots and beetroots salad, pasta with pumpkin sauce and apple compote. As everybody enjoyed the deserved meal, the cooking team explained the aim and the benefits of cooperative farming. To grow the own fruit and vegetables leads to a better consciousness of the worth of the food, while creating a feeling of being part of a community, so that everyone works together for the welfare of the group.

After this delicious, informative dinner all participants went home smiling and satisfied, full of ideas for the next bio-fair meal with family and friends.


Francesca Narduzzi, AAI Intern


More pictures of the evening here


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